Aging Out

Aging Out follows the stories of three older teens: David Griffin, Risa Benjanrano and Daniella Anderson, who are aging out of the foster care system. The unemployed professors review illustrates challenges, obstacles and issues that three teenagers must face as the result of being in the system. Throughout David life, he has been with many families due to his behavior problems. Although Risa completed high school and attended college, she is constantly battling with drug addictions. For Daniella struggles, she is pregnant and financially unstable. She is also looking for a way to live with her boyfriend while trying to finish school. The film is able to captivate the idea that our current foster care system is broken because it fails to provide teenagers the survival skills that are necessary for the real world....

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Gulliver’s Travels is a mock-travel book

Gulliver’s Travels is a mock-travel book, written by Jonathan Swift. The unreliable narrator, Lemuel Gulliver, chronicles his adventures, or crash landings, into the lives of unknown peoples, that have seemingly different views from his own on social construct, government, and morals, and vastly vary in physique. Gulliver, an unsuccessful student turned failed businessman, goes to sea as a surgeon, and later as a captain, to support his family (being a surgeon was not a highly regarded job at that time). Lemuel uses his isolation from his own society to write his own history of his adventures to bring back home and incidental, or not, boost his self and public image.

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