How To Build A Bunker In Minecraft


War strategies are so dynamic in gameplay that player has to build as much strong attack as his defense. Meanwhile war mode is mainly dependent on Flan’s mod. Here the player can make its way by adding to its capabilities in the form of arms and firepower, vehicles (like jet, planes etc.) and other parts of the vehicles.

In Minecraft Military Mod of play, there is Flan’s mod, creative mod and survival mod which has strategies through which the player can make better defense moves, plan a better attack, moves the troops and deal with mobs in an efficient manner. Moreover, the player can also adjust, repair and rebuild the vehicles, make bunkers, launch an attack and travel around to anticipate and explore. Bunker can constituted of many mode packs as there is a lot to be cover and innovate depending upon the conditions.

In this writing, the player will understand how to build a bunker in Minecraft which is immune to severe conditions like weather, ender dragon / creepers, bomb attacks, cannons and also it is immune to player attacks and plane attacks. One can make this happen through cheat sheet but this is not the way to go but instead, the user can do this by establishing mods and packs and do this by the way of user interface . The user might need windows based interaction to help himself out in the outside conditions.

(For the exterior structure) You need:

A solid glass type rock known as Obsidian which is used in the exterior section (2-3 lots)

Solid and slippery state rocks known as Cobblestone (almost 3 lots)

To add concreteness in building material we will need Water bucket (as many as possible)

For having tough frames and structures Solid Iron bars will be needed (optional)

Soldiers will need the hiding mechanisms for which camouflage is recommended (optional)

In details, Dispenser is for lava coat, iron bars are for building windows and structures but we can use alternatives for that.

After the ingredients are mentioned, there is a need to take into account the material and build a safe hideout and attacking place for soldiers. Under the shadow of all the threats and vulnerabilities, a safe hideout can be a vital part of becoming safe in Minecraft. Let’s find out how to build a secure Minecraft bunker”

how to build bunker in minecraft

Step1: Dig the ground (downwards):

This bunker is going to be near the bedrock level. Dig a two-by-one shaft so that you can avoid falling into lava and the like. Stop when you reach around y=15.

how to build bunker in minecraft military

  1. Specify and occupy a space to stay in. with specifications,a 7-wide, 13-long, 4-high space works well.

how to build bunker in minecraft military mod

3. Place a block shaped in one of the walls. Definitely will look better on one of the walls.

how to build bunker in minecraft military mode

4. Stuff up shaft to surface:

Fill the shaft and place a second nether portal on the surface. This will act as an entry point to access your bunker.

how to build bunker in minecraft military mode apk 5. Link the top and bottom portals. Go through the top portal and dig a tunnel in the nether that will join the top and bottom portal . This probably will be the most important, vulnerable and critical part of the whole build process. Once the player will finish building the tunnel, the player will opt to validate it with security and devices for monitoring security.

6. Repeatedly go to the portals and inside your bunker. Remember that if the player will turn off the portal present in bunker, then any intruder which is going by way of the portal system will be guided back or sent out the top portal.

how to build bunker in minecraft military mode apk live

7 Decorate your bunker walls to make it more homely. This is more humanistic than a war game. It has two aspects. First is to make the bunker safe and less vulnerable to bomb attacks by adding solid stones from the outside layer. Second the decoration which makes the bunker more like home and more decorated with food, water, arsenal and other daily usage items storage.

how to build bunker in minecraft military mode apk live mod

Add survival systems to your bunker. During war situation, in a real world, a soldier is supposed to stay in the bunker for a long period of time, so in this regard, the player needs a decent strategy to survive and fight for a longer period of time. Also, these strategies are to be independent of the factors residing outside and they are to be mostly internally placed

Below are stated items which will help in populating the bunker for better hideout, entry and exits and better safety.

  • A control shed poultry form, which is fully automated to provide full meat supplies.
  • An Organic crop farm.
  • Rest facility such as sofa-cum-bed or bed
  • A stop watch/clock
  • An item storage system in which a shulker box will help the cause
  • Furnace to melt and reshape things. It is not based on automated routines or resource-less (they will consume coal etc.), but seldom used.
  • An arsenal reserve to be made in the underground storage reserve.

When we have all these items as checked, the player must assume that he has made an underground bunker and he can use it as his hideout and carry out his war routines when needed, Also the player can expand it some better enhancements like:

  • A Wood storage which will provide coal and wood. It can be dry wood.
  • Charcoal mixer or mixing facility.
  • An emergency exit. Another portal can be introduced to help the cause.
  • Some extra space for acting as a hideout for more people (can be underground if possible).
  • Quick access to arsenal by way of shortcut ways to arsenal reservoir.
  • To serve as a mood changer and to have fruits, organic fruits, cocoa and tea farms can be raised.

In short we can incorporate as many things as possible in this bunker as for longer periods of time, this facility will act as a city of people which will not only act as a hideout for people but to survive as more time as they could in the war situation while not getting hurt.

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