How To Build A Minecraft Navy Base

In particular a naval base also called navy base or port is a military station or base, where warships, naval ships, sometimes aircrafts are stationed when having rest or having no mission at sea. There can be repair and service shops where repairing and service of ships may also be performed with some minor repairs. In some cases, naval bases are temporary places for an aircraft to be stationed that usually are on the ship for sudden attack or defense purpose but are undergoing minor maintenance while the ship is docked.

Minecraft Military mod is the main root for dealing with warfare, strategies of warfare for all mods, building facilities, weapons and other important things for warfare. Minecraft naval base is the facility which is responsible for daily naval operations, Docking ships and sometimes aircrafts for specific purposes, holding munitions reserves, containing docks for Vessels, repairing and service facilities and monitoring the fleet performance etc.

Usually the navy base in Minecraft contains Vessels, Aircrafts with latest variations in the game are accommodation for the residents, different facilities in the vessels, Command and control center to control and direct the facility and the maintenance and repair section mainly.

Here most common things are vessels and Aircraft while other things have supportive roles. Navy Vessels are usually classified according to the sea types, operations, role above and under water and their capacities. These are:


This is a small ship which is used in light confrontation mode. They are good in smaller surface area seas where there are no deep waters. Also they are economical are most countries which are connected with smaller sea areas develop these Corvette ships. Available corvettes in Minecraft are


These ships are heavy ships with heavy arms system attached to them. The main role of the Frigate is to protect the other ships present in the group. Also they are useful in protecting from vicious attacks beneath water surface like submarines. They are usually referred as combat ships.


After the Cruiser ships, Destroyers are the most lethal and combat oriented ships in the sea. Across the world, due to their high capability of attacking and defense system and also their durability, the army uses them for the sake of heavy operation in seas, normal operations, Escorts and other general range operations.

Amphibious Assaults

These ships are also categorized as warships which are used to support specifically troops fighting in sea in forms of transport, ammunition, Vehicles Refueling and to guard against the airborne enemy planes and

Minecraft navy base amphibious assault other rival surface vessels. In most cases, they have been equipped with a deck (where airplanes such as the F-35 are present as well as helicopters in disembarked from) and also they are being equipped with a well deck which is a shallow water deck where amphibious vessels can be maintained kept and repaired. They have been categorized according to their sizes and shapes where some of them are labeled as aircraft carriers. But also provided the fact that due to its general purpose-ness, they can also be used as other purpose like aircraft destroyers and others.

Aircraft carrying vessels

An aircraft carrier is a large navy vessel which is designed as floating air base, it has a long deck which acts as a runway on which aircraft can take off and land at sea levels. It is just like a naval base and aircraft normal operation center. These type of vessels “aircraft carriers”, are the largest sized military ships. Even some of them weighing over 100,000 tons and also they have the capability to reside as many as over 5000 people at the same time. These carriers are also called Super carriers which is the category of aircraft carriers weighing more than 66,000 tons.

Littoral Combat Vessels

These are also combat are a small class of ships which are meant to operate in zones having lesser deep waters. Where other, ships like cruise cannot be used. They were also built to be extension for the new future cruisers. The Littoral combat ships are sometimes regarded as corvettes with large structures.


Attacking above water sometimes are vulnerable and with limited resources and less ships, one avoid those kind of tactics and rely on the underwater attack.  First one is attack Submarine which is the submarine type designed to combat with other submarines and surface ships. They all use system such as torpedoes to get their prey and some use missiles such as Cruise to have a greater range of pray. Keeping their low visibility in sight, they are beneficial to protect friendly ships and to have information about the rivals.

Ballistic warhead submarines

This type of submarine is designed to go out on the sea, camouflage, and then launch Ballis how to build Ballistic warhead submarines in minecraft tics with nuclear warheads to take out important enemy targets. They can both be traditional and modern while traditional allow the chance of the secondary strike and modern hits on warning and gets the target. Also the modern submarines have the quota of everything to stay months in the sea and also they can navigate and target their enemy even thousands of miles away from the target through efficient trajectories. These Modern Submarines have almost unlimited energy resources and they also have hibernation mode on which keeps them low consumer of energy.

Cruise Missile

This is also a critical type of submarine carrying missile attack on demand. A cruise missile submarine is a submarine that can launch cruise on demand. These are considered as extremely hostile warships and can hit long ranges without refueling. This genre has the prior problem to launch attack on ground level but it can now launch attack under sea levels also.

Current Minecraft fleet had been the combination of traditional and modern equipment and the ships which are in the fleet (but not limited to)  HMAS ARMIDALE (Corvette), HMAS Hobart (Light Cruiser), HMAS Adelaide (Frigate), HMAS Wollongong (Corvettes), USS Independence (Littoral combat), USS Zumwalt (Destroyer), HMS Vengeance as main ships. Also the open development option for ships and aircrafts makes this game even more entertaining and worth playing.

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