Minecraft Military Base Ideas

Minecraft Military Base Ideas

Minecraft Military Mod is about joining and mining different blocks to create, renovate and build structures of player’s choice. Why it is called a so-called sandbox game, because Sand-Box environments support the adaptability culture where the players can create and modify the way according to how they play. Single- or multiplayer play is possible.

Minecraft Military base mod contains a variety of ideas and mods which support the cause of maintaining a strong military base to for defense and attacking purposes. Minecraft also utilizes the power of different modes to enhance the capability of the player in the game. Minecraft mocks a virtual reality environment by which is almost fully controlled by the player to grab opportunities, build own designs, make custom weapons, buildings and other supporting items.

Military mod while open to creativity and innovation has also led the player community and developers to give ideas and make them a part of the game play. These ideas are mostly the extension of already existing mod in order to renovate, colorize and enhancing the beauty of the mod.

While tons of Ideas are already available online, here, some ideas and their tiny explanation are given to help generate some strong ideas for the game.

Event complex

It will be a place where events can be arranged managing several people at once and can be served as well. While the complete base is setup and facilities are provided, there must be some event place(s) for the game where all the events and ceremonies can be commenced either its some happiness to be shared or it’s a tribute being given e

Minecraft Military base ideas tc.

Fitness arena

Fitness level is compulsory for the people who are working their bodies off in the field so along the practice fields where war practices are arranged, there must be some placed where the Military base guys can maintain and measure their fitness which also is the need at every developed army across the globe.

Administration and management Offices

Several administration offices for handling roles like hostel wardens, Mess administration, and Clerical staff with monitor daily monthly, quarterly and yearly routines can be built along with other departments as there must be some hierarchy in departments which must have authoritative rights over the base in their concerned departments.

Personal luxury homes

There must be special purpose and specifically built homes for people serving in high ranks and levels. Guest houses and servant quarters can be made inside these house to facilitate occasional guests and to entertain permanent servants.

Communication Centre

There must be some communication centers in the facility to perform various functions like transferring the voices, diverting or multiplexing different signals and messages and to communicate various codes for daily tasks like drills, danger, safety, stand by and other protocols.

Post Office

While being in warfare and during official routines, mails are transferred and people get their communication through mails. Also due to technology vulnerabilities, mails are safe to send through a post office. Therefore, a post Office can be built to address the needs of the staff

Meeting Room

A meeting room can be built considering it a vital part as many urgent, short noticed and official meetings are to be discussed in a separate room where no one can intervene other than the concerned people. So Meeting room can be nice idea in facility

Press Release Facility

Often military have a strong press release facility where all the interviews and other general news which are meant for public are being sent and after their editing, they become a press release and people act upon it.

Pet Facility

minecraft military base ideas pet facilities

In warfare and other hostile situations, where player has to be consistent, untiring and patient which may carry him to depression. So in this case, a pet facility can be maintained where pet lovers can spent their fee time and also with employees having their personal pet can submit there as care in day.

Resident Quarters

These can be built in the facility so that labor working inside the facility can be given shelter. These labors will be given shelter and food in the quarters

Emergency and Crisis Facility

This can be built supporting the cause of command and control system in case of emergency like fire situation, attack of enemy, sudden illness and other Crisis states.

Hidden Testing labs

Some of these facilities can be built for testing various things like information and private inventory systems, testing private asset capabilities and other aspects related the facility. This facility should be made hidden so that it can’t be under attack easily.

Secret Concrete chambers

Secret chambers can be built inside the facility to protect the private assets of the facility, to reside the people in an emergency situation, to make this place as a bunker in some war state. This chamber can be made state of the art for resisting weather effects, for being bomb proof, easy to camouflage and can be on ground as well as underground

Watch Towers

Watch towers are critical for the base as they can react to sudden attack inside the base and all well informed as they have got some elevation above the ground. There could be tower built around the base with snipers or some aircraft artillery placed for protecting the facility against outside ground and air attack.

Security stations

Security check and clearances should be made at each and every station to reduce ambiguity and to increase sense of security. The jets and other aircrafts docked and stationed in the base must be given additional security and security rooms should be built close to them to have continuous surveillance on the assets

Light houses

There could be light houses built for the sake of illuminating the sensitive equipment stationed on the base to make the surveillance easy for the control room. They can be projected on each side of the aircrafts, on the entry and exit of the base, in the walkways, at the working facility and on the training and guarding positions.

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